Survival Belts

The epitome of style and function, survival belts will keep you looking dapper while providing you with useful tools for the wild. Each belt features a muti-tool buckle equipped with a bottle opener and fire starter while the strap can be utilized as a huge zip tie.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- The Survival Belt buckle is composed of a highly durable glass-filled nylon and the strap is composed of an internal webbing core coated in a durable TPU alloy protective shield.
  • SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS – The Survival belt has an AUS-8 Stainless steel Knife and bottle opener integrated into the buckle and a detachable LED flashlight and Ferrocerium fire starter rod.
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE FIT – Continuous notches that run the full length of the belt means you can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Our easy to use buckle makes adjusting your belt effortless
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