Swimming Shark Fin

Shark Fin by Fin Fun

Enjoy the water all to yourself by scaring everyone away with the swimming shark fin. This fun beach toy features a realistic dorsal fin so you can convincingly pull off your prank while the ergonomic design allows you to swim freely about.

Realistic and Great looking fin both in and out of water. Shark Fin has a realistic shape of the first dorsal fin of a real shark. Your friends will think you are a real shark! Have even more fun by adding the Fin Fun Monofin, to quickly propel you through the water.

Shark Fin is made out of high quality neoprene and is very comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable to fit any size to optimize comfort and performance.

Wearing the Shark Fin is easy! It is worn like a back pack and clips across the chest. It is very easy for children to put it on and remove it themselves. To remove the Shark Fin, press the clips and pull. It can then be removed like a backpack.

The Fin Fun Shark Fin is designed to be worn over the shoulders, like a backpack, with a safety harness that connects across the chest to keep it in place. Also, it is soft and bendable and will not hurt your child’s back if they slip backwards while wearing the Shark Fin.

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