Taco Meow Cat Bed

Make your kitty the envy of every feline on the block by getting him this amazingly awesome taco cat bed. It’s made out of soft, padded fleece and micro fiber yarn for utmost comfort, and can be used in a folded taco style or a flat tostada style.

Your taco meow cat bed can be used folded closed, like a taco – or flat, like a tostada. To fold, simply twist together two red tomato pom poms to secure. Cats will enjoy crawling in to explore, or finding a snug place to hide.

Beneath the soft fleece fabric is a layer of cellophane which adds an enticing ‘cracking taco’ sound. Your cat can use it as a soft mat, on the floor, or on a chair or sofa. Flexible wire in the edge trim helps hold its shape, however you choose to shape it.

Taco meow cat bed comes with 3 potent chili pepper catnip toys, filled with high-quality organic catnip. It’s everything you need to spice up your cat’s siesta time!

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