The Hangover Patch


Enjoy alcohol’s glorious effects without the nasty next day consequences by wearing this hangover patch. This hospital-grade patch provides direct time-released delivery of essentials vitamins to dramatically reduce the physical side effects of heavy drinking.

Party Patch™ dramatically reduces the physical side effects of drinking and makes mornings awesome! Party Patch specially-formulated ingredients and transdermal delivery system effectively replenishes the vital Thiamine and essential vitamins lost when you consume alcohol.
B1, also known as Thiamine, is a vital nutrient in the breakdown of alcohol in the body. It is also vital to the central nervous system. Because Thiamine is not produced in the body and depleted so rapidly when drinking alcohol, replenishing B1 in your system is critical to feeling your best.

Why it works better than pills, powders, or liquids? Moments after a patch is applied, your skin activates the patch and begins to transit through the skin into the small blood vessels called capillaries that are plentiful under the skin. This is the direct delivery of the vitamins and supplements active ingredients into the bloodstream or what is called Transdermal Delivery. Nutrients are absorbed directly through the pores in the skin.

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