The Unfolding Compact Workbench

Work comfortably when you’re on location at a job site by bringing along the unfolding compact workbench. This lightweight table provides an ample working space of 46″ x 21.65″, can hold loads up to 1000 pounds, and folds into a compact suitcase for easy transport.

The Keter Folding Work Table: Compact & portable meets sturdy & steady

The Keter Folding Work Table provides a sturdy portable work space for a wide variety of projects. Count on this folding work table to provide dependable work support for everything from sanding two-by-fours to staining table legs. Durable steel legs provide the support you need to feel confident while performing any task while a pair of one-handed clamps holds your project materials securely in place. Try it for one project and the bench will become your go-to source for reliable work support.

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