Three Person Slip-N-Slide

Find out who is the fastest around by challenging all your friends to go head to head with you on the three person slip-n-slide. It features an extra broad track lined with cascading water to keep it slick, along with a small pool at the end for an epic splash finish.

The Bestway H2O Go! 18′ Double Water Slide has three speed ramps. Perfect for racing your friends. Featuring a tough, inflatable launch pad, the H2O Go! provides a smooth landing that glides you onto the slide. No more hard landings! The added Splash Lagoon creates water pool at front for BIG SPLASH TAKE-OFF! The landing pad and lagoon funnel water onto the slide for a long wet ride with a water cascade along side to keep it slick. End bumpers collect water for A BIG SPLASH LANDING! The Bestway H2O Go! provides a smoother, faster, wetter and better water slide experience than ever before. A great way to have fun and keep cool this summer.

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