Travel Pillow & Carrier Bag in One!

Travel Pillow & Carrier Bag in One! – Memory Foam Airplane Travel Pillow w Attached Carry Bag – Bonus Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

When you’re traveling it can be difficult to get solid rest when your head is bobbing and weaving with the bouncing of the vehicle you’re in, and if you do happen to get some sleep, your neck often feels strained or cramped. This leads to headaches and light sensitivity, which makes the rest of your day even worse.

That’s why you need the Jeddy Gear Travel Pillow and complete travel gear set.

Specifically designed with rebound memory foam, the Jeddy Gear Travel Pillow is made to comfort your head and neck perfectly so you can sleep deeper and more comfortably no matter how cramped your seat might be. Even better, you’ll also receive a light-blocking memory foam sleep mask and noise cancelling ear plugs. If that set of amazing travel items doesn’t help you get sound, relaxed sleep, nothing will!

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