Travel Security Belt

Keep your valuables safe from pickpockets when you’re on the go by storing them inside this travel security belt. This fully adjustable and airport friendly accessory comes with a concealed compartment along the belt’s interior that’s ideal for stashing what matters most.

The Zero Grid Travel Security Belt is the traveler’s ‘insurance policy’ against a stolen or lost wallet. Losing your wallet in a foreign country can be terrifying: you can be stranded in an unfamiliar place or worse.

You can fit cash and paper copies of your IDs like your passport. Recover faster from a lost wallet by wearing the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt.

When you pack with Zero Grid travel accessories, you can avoid all the irritation that comes with bringing more than you need with you on your trip. If your goal is to get on the plane with just a carry-on and your personal item, we want to make that easier for you. Cut down on wasted time on the security line and wasted money on baggage fees.

The Zero Grid Travel Security Belt makes for a great gift for any man or woman who loves to travel.

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