Ultralight Zipperless Magnetic Sleeping Bag

Say good bye to zippers forever! Now you can instantly and securely open and close your sleeping bag with the NOZIPP sleeping bag. It features a convenient magnetic closure system to offer effortless entry, unparalleled venting and a unique expandable shape.

It’s never fun escaping a cozy bed for a bathroom break in the middle of the night. Or spending unnecessary energy at bedtime. The NoZipp closure system operates more efficiently than traditional sleeping bags. Simply slide in the bag, throw the batwing-like flaps over, and cinch up. Simple as that. Bundling down for the night has never been easier.

Mummy bags typically do a great job keeping heat in, but where the NoZipp Sleeping Bag excels is letting heat out. With a quick tug, the front flaps can completely open up and dump excess heat. Throw an arm out, or even leg. Staying warm on extreme excursions is critical for all sleeping bags. But when the weather is nice, the ability to adjust your personal climate is just as important in keeping you comfortable.