Waterfall Audio “Niagara” Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeakers


What makes Waterfall loudspeakers unique? Everything about them. Established in 1996, Waterfall Audio released the first glass speaker to the French market in 1999. Esthetics, sublime performance, quality materials and innovative technology came together to create an exceptional audio experience. These stunningly good-looking and sweet-sounding products are now distributed all over the world.

Waterfall Audio’s Niagara EVO delivers incredible high fidelity audio reproduction in a uniquely beautiful design. Initially designed as a concept speaker, the Niagara EVO is a showcase of research, development and technical achievement at Waterfall.

The Niagara’s high density glass cabinet is unlike anything else available and blends in with nearly any décor. Its transparent glass gives rooms an open and airy feel. Glass is not only a stately and beautiful material, its thickness and high density provides superior sound reproduction and helps eliminate unwanted vibrations from the loudspeaker’s structure. The Niagara speakers will astound, transforming your interior into a concert hall experience with a detailed, vibrant and naturally open sound, all underpinned by an ultra-low-frequency passive driver in a down-firing position on the solid aluminium base.