Weighted Couch Cup Holder

No castle would be complete without cup holders for the padded throne – that’s why you need a weighted couch cup holder! The weighted sides will securely hold your drink in place while the silicone mold is large enough to accommodate mugs, tumblers, and bottles.

CouchCoaster – The ultimate drink holder for your sofa – will hold all your favourite drinks on the sofa arm, allowing you to sit back and relax in style. Gone are the days of reaching for your drink on the coffee table, kicking it over on the floor or balancing it nervously on the sofa arm! CouchCoaster is made of durable, heat-resistant and wipe-clean silicone. It’s weighted body seamlessly wraps over your sofa arm with the help of its weighted body, and secures your drink in a neat container. It’s been engineered by award-winning British product designers who have blended the perfect mix of form and function. It’s sleek, minimist exterior has undertones of Japanese and Skandinavian design, while CouchCoaster’s versatile features allows the product to be enjoyed by sofa-lovers all over the world.

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