With the Gravity balance Chair enjoy a total relaxation

Gravity balance Chair

Gravity balance Chair – The unique design provides a wide range of seating options that will support the body throughout. Fully reclined, the GravityTM balans® elevates your legs above your heart, and rocks gently to the rhythm of your breathing, so you experience a liberating sense of weightlessness. Spine and neck are fully supported while your body enjoys total relaxation.

If I had to pick only one chair in my landlubber life, it would be the Gravity Balans.

The power nap is an invaluable instrument in your quest for productivity, boosting energy levels and recharging your brain. Float free of gravity and experience the ultimate power nap with the Gravity balans.

You can kneel at your desk, sit, sit reclining, or rock back and snooze. Every position is comfortable.