Yoga Mat Bag with Open Ends


Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag with Open Ends, Mobile Pocket and Water Bottle Holder – Keeps Your Mat Dry and Odorless

This mat bag is for you if:

you were searching for a lightweight all-in-one Mat Bag
looking for a bag that can adjust to any mat size or thickness
you like keeping your mat dry and odorless
you care about your Yoga gear
you like joyful and vivid colors

If you ever wonder why your mat starts to be a bit “smelly” after a while, then you clearly need a new Yoga bag. What happens is that when you keep your Yoga gear after practice inside a closed space, all the moisture is kept longer than usual which results into a really bad smell.

Different than the conventional Yoga bags, the Yoga EVO mat bag allows air to flow ensuring good ventilation for your mat.

With the OPEN ENDS DESIGN this Yoga bag partially wraps around your mat or your foam roller so your Yoga gear will have sufficient air to dry on your way home.

Sweaty Hot Yoga Practice? Long Yoga session? Let this bag do it’s magic on your way home.

Enjoy an odorless dry mat much longer.

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